10 Facts About Yoga You Wish You’d Known Before!

We need to understand that Yoga is not a religion. It is a way of living life that promotes a healthy mind and healthy body through the regular practice of Asanas and Pranayam.

Yoga promotes a balanced development in all three areas of man’s being: physical, mental, and spiritual. Aerobics and other forms of exercise can only promote physical well-being, but Yoga helps with mental and spiritual well-being too. Physical or Aerobic exercises do not contribute to the growth of the spiritual or astral bodies. Click here to read some of the benefits that Yoga offers to all of us.

● Regular yoga practice allows a person to take out time for meditation – free their mind from daily worries. 

● Improved blood flow to the peripheral blood vessels, leading to improved cardiovascular function.

● Exercises of abdominal muscles improve digestion and help to remove body fat.

● Gentle relaxation helps to ease muscle tension, while different postures allow complete joint mobility.

● The relaxation techniques in Yoga can lessen chronic pain in diseases such as lower back pain, arthritis, and headaches. 

● Regular Yoga practice increases mental and physical awareness, promotes spiritual well-being, and has been known to reduce stress and anxiety. 

● Yoga also enhances the function of neurologic and endocrine organs, keeping a check on your metabolic rates. Regular practice of Yoga is also reported to reduce fat accumulation and promote weight loss.

● Yoga helps you achieve the correct posture as it targets the relaxation of specific muscle compartments. Practicing the following asanas (postures) with awareness to correct your body posture and reduce back problems.

● Regular Yoga in winters also keeps the immune system active. This keeps viral flu and fever at bay, letting you enjoy snow days without sniffing in tissues all day. Breathing exercises also prevent chest congestion and also fight allergies!

● The positive effects of Yoga and meditation have been reported to help insomniacs, and Yoga has been proven to improve sleep onset latency and more efficient wakeup times!

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